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Through partnership with the local school systems as well as with the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Schools, we serve youth that have emotional and behavioral problems that interfere with their ability to have a successful experience in the public school system. Our program provides services for students whose disruptive behaviors at school and home places them at risk for school related failures. The overall goal of this service is to equip the students with tools that they can use to help them be more successful in the mainstream public school setting. This is a time limited service that is highly structured. It contains a mixture of educational services as well as treatment services to meet each individual's behavioral needs. Treatment can be administered within groups, individual sessions and family sessions. Our programs also offer other therapeutic activities including Equine Assisted Learning.


Our outpatient clinic provides services to youth and their families. Services received are based on a detailed assessment conducted during the initial session with a licensed clinician. The clinician works along with the youth and their parent/guardian to develop and implement a treatment plan that best serves the youth. Our clinicians serve youth with various issues such as grief and loss, adjustment problems, poor social skills, sexual abuse issues, impulse control/hyperactivity, anger management, problems at home or at school as well as substance abuse services. Services received through our outpatient clinic can include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, psychiatric assessment and medication management.


Our residential facilities serve high risk adolescent males with a history of sexualized behaviors. These are 24 hour, level II and III facilities that provide structure and treatment specific to the youth's needs. Each home is managed by a Qualified Mental Health Professional and supported weekly through consultation by a Licensed Professional. The residential programs work a 5 phase program which includes treatment with the youth's family. The residential program follows a cognitive behavior model that was developed by our company's Licensed Professionals. This model focuses on helping youth develop tools to assist them with learning how to connect their feelings to their actions.


This program team works with youth and families in their home and communities to assist with de-escalating crisis within the family. The goal of this service is to help evaluate the problem while reducing the risk of the crisis occurring again while keeping youth within the home. This service is provided by a 3 member team consisting of at least 1 licensed professional and 2 other bachelor leveled mental health professionals. The team provides frequent contacts with the family within the first 30 days of service and will work with the family typically for 3-6 months. During service time, team members are available 24/7 to support any crisis that might come up with the youth and their family.


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential challenge activity with horses and youth, where the horses are free to express their personalities and reactions in relation to human interactions in an arena. The goals in this learning method are to facilitate an environment for increased client self awareness, empathy, communication, problem solving, emotional regulation, attention and social skills. This is not a mounted program. Youth are generally very receptive to this approach and respond well in the EAL activities.

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